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The Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) aim to achieve three extraordinary things by 2030. End poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality.

The SDG’s are inspiring private and public sectors organisations to work together to cultivate grassroots initiatives to activate the goals.

Our day of celebration for the Global Goals on August 19 concludes our Social Good Summer. It is taking place at Impact Hub Amsterdam, in the Westerpark with a series of activities and presentations co-created at our workshops by our community of change makers.

Our theme: "The Goals Turn One - See What We've Done!" is both a recognition of the successes that public and private sector, as well as grassroots organisations have enjoyed as the first anniversary of the SDG’s nears - and a challenge to everyone, that we must intensify our efforts as the first deadlines (set for 2020) loom on the horizon.

The ‘Social Good Summer’ aims to build grass roots initiatives to activate the UN SDG’s using bite-size workshops in campaigning and social entrepreneurship. The program will integrate collaborative acts with advocacy agents, social entrepreneurs and CSR departments, and conclude with a multinational marquee event to showcase these achievements.

For the first time the ‘Social Good Summer’ will bring together social enterprises, corporate CSR departments and not for profits with the aim of finding areas of mutual benefit. We aim to help launch/grow these organisations using contemporary campaigning strategies. The ultimate aim is to create a sustainable networking platform for multinational and multilateral community engagement - working together to address the SDG’s targets.

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